Our Call and Commitment to Action for Social Justice

The police killing of George Floyd and the protest to follow have brought a renewed attention to systemic racism and the implications to our neighbours in the south and worldwide. Canada is no stranger to systemic racism, the injustices faced by many are an everyday reality.

The broad call for anti-racism at the individual and systemic levels requires each of us to look within ourselves and to consciously understand how we might be contributing to racism. Never has it been more clear that we need to do far more as a company. Tree Top team members are encouraged to look within themselves and asked to reflect on their own privilege and the role they may play in perpetuating systemic racism especially for those of us who are white. In addition to looking within we are being asked to show up and take an active role. As our business reopens its doors to many of our retail stores and online, we are committed to contributing to the global fight for social justice and the safety and wellbeing of our Black and Indigenous communities. Our hope is with the launch of our new website and plans to be more active and present on social media to continue the conversation about Black Lives Matter and support organizations that have been integral to this movement.

We encourage our valued and beloved customers to learn more on how they too can make a difference.