Sudbury's Tree Top body products going to MTV Movie Awards

by Jennifer Williamson on September 10, 2020

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It's a long way from a Sudbury kitchen to the flashy stages of the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles.

But Sudbury's Jennifer Stiller says a supportive community and inspiring words have led her—  and her natural body products—  to the bright lights of Hollywood.

Stiller's Tree Top bath and body products will be featured in gift bags at the MTV Music Awards in Los Angeles by Gabriel Roy, owner of Sudbury clothing store Stitch and Stone.

Stiller told CBC's Up North that she didn't immediately clue in to what Roy was asking of her.

"When I received the email from Gabrielle, I didn't realize how big a deal it was," Stiller said. "I thought she just wanted me to send five or ten products. So I put some things in a Ziploc bag and sent them over."

A phone call helped it sink in.

"Gabrielle said, 'No, Jen, I'm going to need about 200.'"
Tree Top Bath and Body Products


Stiller was looking for a creative outlet

Tree Top Bath and Body began after Stiller, then a full-time nurse, was inspired by Brené Brown, whose books, blogs and TedTalks encourage people to take risks and attempt new things.

"There's a piece she does on creativity, and I felt like I was lacking that in my life," Stiller said. "So I started thinking about things I love, [like] aromas and scrubs and soaps."

"Next thing I knew I was ordering a soap kit," she said. "I was making soap, and making so much my family and friends became here we are."

Stiller said her kitchen currently functions as Tree Top's head office and production facility, and even enlisted the assistance of her mother to ready the products for the awards ceremony. She hopes with Tree Top's continued success, she can "branch" out.

"I'm completing my business plan," Stiller said. "I would need funding to hire individuals to help me make things, so I can have more time to create new things."

"I need staff and money,"

Stiller said. "But that will all come in good time."

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