Tree Top Jen Williamson


Jennifer Williamson is the founder and sole owner of Tree Top Bath & Body. Tree Top Bath & Body grew out of Jennifer’s love for the sweet scents of essential oils and a love for natural beauty products themselves. She launched her business in 2014 shortly after the birth of her daughter.

The exponential growth of Tree Top Bath & Body has been overwhelming and a delightful surprise! To manage this success, and to meet the needs of her customers and wholesalers, Jennifer eventually had to decrease the hours she was working as a registered nurse, and to relocate business operations from her home to a new production facility in Sudbury.

In Tree Tops new location, Jennifer is able to formulate and store new products, as well as invite people into her space to engage in their own creative processes.

Most of Jennifer’s time is spent researching and developing new facial and body products using active and raw materials. She completed an international skin care course focused on the development and the formulation of anti-aging skin care products.

She is inspired by global companies in the beauty industry that produce high quality products that are safe and also have incredible skin benefits. Jennifer’s goal is to meet and exceed these standards.

Our goal is to develop the most amazing skin care products, focused on clean beauty, and on raw and natural ingredients that have great anti-aging benefits.

Jennifer Williamson

Founder of Tree Top Bath and Body


Jen Williamson

At Tree Top we are a team and family. The work is sporadic. Without these team members TT would not be where it is today. There are a number of other individuals that are not listed and also play key roles in the everyday operations of TT. I am deeply grateful to our team and the work they do not only with TT but within our community. The individuals listed below are more than valued; they are friends and family members.

Lianne Gascon

Lianne is one of Jen’s dearest friends, became a part of the TT family after using TT products for a short period of time and falling in love with their results. Lianne works full time as a radiation technologist. In her free time she is involved with sales and anything that promotes TT. Lianne can often be found with a group of her friends bringing her samples and having them trial. Lianne shines in sales and loves joining Jen or Reggie during home or makers markets.

Reggie Bonhomme

Reggie has been involved with the TT family since 2015 after instantly hitting it off with Jen while assisting her as a sales person while shopping for shoes. Reggie fell in love with the products and its story. Reggie’s positive outlook on life is infectious, we always know when he is around. Customers adore chatting with him and discussing all things TT. Reggie’s eagerness to assist with new projects and tasks despite his very busy schedule are a true testament to his commitment and belief in TT products.

Dion Eng

Dion is a web and graphic designer as well as a photographer. Since the beginning, he has been an integral piece in providing Tree Top its branding image and all graphic design media on the products that you see today. Dion is also passionate about technology, with a background in Computer Sciences he is well experienced in providing and maintaining Tree Top’s technology needs in both areas of hardware and software.

Giselle and Heidi

Giselle (Jen’s mom) officially became a TT family member when she retired in 2017. She can often be found at our little shop of Notre-Dame organizing, formulating and packaging. Giselle is TT biggest fan and cheerleader, we would be lost without her. Giselle is always willing to help out when she can and is always the first to offer tips and tricks to keep us on our toes. Heidi (Jen’s daughter) can be found around the shop. Her favourite tasks include sticker application, bagging orders and signing business cards.

Karen Rebeiro

Karen and Jen became quick friends during their time at work, Karen worked as an occupational therapist. In 2018 Karen retired from her role as an occupational therapist to focus on her many other roles as a professor and capacity assessor. Despite her very busy schedule Karen volunteers her time to polish and refine product descriptions and articles. She makes everything sound pretty and has this amazing ability to establish flow.

Natalie Thompson

Jen met Chantal over 10 years ago at the gym. Not only is she still one of Jen’s favourite exercise instructors she is a very cherished member of the TT family. Chantal is mainly involved with sales and can often be spotted at special events or markets. Chantal is always up to help out in any way she can despite her busy schedule.

Chantal Boivin

Involved with the TT family since 2015. Natalie likes to dabble in a little a bit of everything in her work at TT. Natalie has also taken a variety of roles over the years and has assisted and launched a variety of projects. Natalie has taken a brief break to care for her new baby Finley born August 2020. Despite her very busy schedule and nursing career Natalie is a “forever member” of the TT family.