- Green Beauty -
What We Believe

At TREE TOP, we believe the best things come from our backyards, on this beautiful home we call earth. Our mission is to make beautiful, functional and authentic products understanding that not every natural ingredient is good nor all synthetic materials harmful. These two worlds can co-exist. Our commitment to the restoration, repair and protection of your skin at any age is our number one priority by means of using potent blends of botanics and active ingredients, challenging the conventions of “all natural”.

We are committed to the health of your skin and attaining noticeable results. All of our formulations are highly effective and made in small batches. We want our customers to understand what they are applying to their skin and feel safe doing so. We do this by providing our customers with product and ingredient descriptions and education. Our customers have the choice of a wide range of products some of which are 100% plant based.

We are also committed to our community and environment. In 2017 we made the change from plastic to glass containers. Every year the beauty industry produces more than 120 BILLION units of packaging globally. Only 9% of all plastic waste is recycled, and about 12% incinerated and the remaining 79% will collect in landfills, dumps, and our natural environment.  

The fact is however that even the purest skincare products can fall victim to chemicals leached from plastic containers – meaning that not only the skincare product, but harmful chemicals such as Biphisenol A are applied directly to the skin. While there is no hard and fast data about the impact of a single application of product from a plastic bottle, it’s important to think about the cumulative effect of continued exposure to chemicals leached into your skincare products, when applied day after day.

The cost of making this change was exponential but needed. To assist with this added cost we launched our recycling program in 2018 whereby our customers return their jars and bottles to participating retail stores in the Sudbury area and receive between $.25-$1.00. It is a “win win” for all! Since the launch of our recycling program we have reused over 700 glass bottles and jars!

We remain committed to our environmental impact recognizing that every little action can make a difference.